"The lavender garden" by Lucinda Riley book review

I just finished "The lavender garden" this week, and I loved it so I wanted to write you guys a review and let you know about it.I started the book on my plane to London, where I read during my flights and stolen moments at the airport. I finished it in about two weeks and I loved every bit of it.

Note to UK readers, the book is published with the name "The light behind the window".

The book is a parallel story about Emilie De La Martinières that inherits her childhood castle and a british agent during WW2 named Constance Carruthers.


Emilie has a troubled past with her past and has never settled with the fact that she is one of the richest and well respected names in France. As she inherits her new property, she realises she's the only left de la Martinières, and the castle, her name and her families past leaves many questions.
During the book she discovers many things about herself, her family, other people and her connection to the british agent named Constance Carruthers.


Constance husband is out fighting in the war and she is contacted by british resilience to fight the Germans. She is eventually sent into France where she's supposed to work as a special agent.

More about the plot I won't tell because I don't want to spoil anything.

I am actually quite sad this is only one book, and I wish it was a series because I loved it. But the length of the book itself is good. Riley made an excellent job filling the 416 pages with excitement, drama and most of all, she made the story understandable and not too confusing with the double stories. I love the mix of ww2 stories and the modern day problems.

I give this book 10/10 and I will recommend it to anyone who's interested in history and also enjoy love stories. 

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