Sneak peak plastic surgery (!)

Okay, obviously I haven't got plasic surgery. But in collaboration with coupnations blog they asked me if I wanted to contribute with a halloween look picture tutorial.
The first thing in mind I though, okay simple, over exaggeration to make it effective and gory. Then I thought about a look "mykie" from instagram posted a while back where it looked like she'd cut her actual cut crease.
Eventually I decided on plastic surgery, because it's controversy, it's simple and effective. And developing mykie's look into something more mine and at the same time, easy enough to do for most people.

On the day it's posted I'll put a link on my blog to the post to see the steps for this makeup look.

Today have mostly gone to schoolwork, looking through blogs in the morning and reading my book "Lavendelhagen" which I am soon finished with and I'm so sad I am.
I've used somewhere around two weeks on this because I've been to busy to read constantly, but I sit down when I've finished work, schoolwork and one blogpost!
I think I'll do a review of it, what do you guys think about that?

But now I'll go to bed and get some sleep before tomorrow, nighty!

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