Package from pinkyparadise review, prices and shipping

Last friday I received my package of lenses from Pinkyparadise, right before I was heading out for my plane. FedEx had estimated the package for today, and since I was home it was a lovely surprise!

I was originally ordering the princess pinky cosplay cornous with prescription, princess pinky cosplay SF20 with prescription and princess twilight blue. But after ordering they sent me an email and the twilight blue ones was out of stock in my prescription, sadly. So I was I bit bummed out, I looked after the green Bambi lenses I wished for, but they also sold out in my prescription.
Almost all of the lenses I had been looking at. But then I remembered the reason I ordered these lenses in the first place, vassen dolly plus red. The red ones I had aleready ordered looked a bit theatrical and wasn't as enlarging, so I added the vassen ones.

I bought these ones with 50% off coupon code, and I saw a couple of you guys also bought some lenses with my coupon code, what did you order? :-)
The price ended up at 54 Dollars including shipping, which for three pairs of lenses and belonging lense cases that lasts a year isn't bad at all. Of course without the code it would be 84 or something (The code did not include shipping).
I ordered it friday 26th if I remembered right, it took them about a week of handling with the un-stocked item, and shipping was estimated a week as well, but it came 3 days early (Sat, sun not included), and they got the right adress this time. So I'm very happy with the shipping.

I am much more happy with the site now then last time, because they messed up my order. But if I'm going to pick on anything is that they are not very updated, both of the times I've ordered a pair of lenses there, it's always one of them that said they had my prescription and later on when handling orders I got emails that I needed to switch strength or model.
And last time they took the price of twilight blue (28,90) in my vassen plus (23,90) change they asked for, so I was not pleased with that.

These lenses has been the only ones I have worn yet because I haven't had the chance, they are pretty thick and can be a bit uncomfortable on the eyes, I noticed my right eye was really uncomfortable. But I had been on a plane and travelling all day before, so my eyes was really dry and I was also quite sleepy.
But I will try them a little bit more before I give a full review with more situations and when my eyes aren't dry already.

Otherwise they cover completely and is not affected my the colour beneath. They are not very enlarging which in these types of lenses I find the best, because not every look goes with super sized eyes!

These are the more theatrical lenses

And these are the vassen dolly plus red, I've already done a review of these here

I will make individual reviews of the lenses after testing them a while. 

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