Lush christmas collection showergel "Hot toddy" review

Yes, I might not have a bathtub, but I can still enjoy lush's christmas bathing products! 

And I tested one of them now as I am buying presents and stuff, so I'm keeping the buying at a minimum. But I went a bit off budget and bought the 100 ml bottle of this for 10,75 dollars, both because I love everything that smells like spices, particuarly cinnamon, but in general spices and I am wishing for the medium bottle (Maybe the big one) for christmas! And I wanted to test it before I wished for it. 

The scent is amazing, you don't really smell toddy well until you pour some red glittery soap your hand. But it smells all over the shower and the steam from a hot shower fills the room! 
But if you don't like christmasy scents, don't buy this one.

Colour and stain
The colour is a bright toddy colour, with glitter. It does not stain, not even the glitter thankfully. However, both good and bad, the scent stains, I don't know for how long. I'm hoping it matches my perfume!

It's not over the top expensive, especially thinking that it is a christmas limited edition. But it's not super affordable either at a price per 100 ml for 10,75 $ 

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