How to use nose and scarwax

It's a couple of days until halloween and I thought I would do a post that might help you out on halloween.

First, use a greasy makeup remover or moisturiser when working with wax, or else it will stick anywhere. Use a small amount on your fingers and tools before use.

Sticking it on, make sure you are using spirit gum with this product, because it will make it a lot easier.

Picking the spot, is quite important. You need to consider movements, wearing time, bodyheat and makeup. If you are going to be moving the space a lot, but you need to have it there, try a to find a spot you are not using as much. And if you are placing a scar for example in your forehead, try to play  the "Who got botox?" game, because move it as little as possible.
Now wearing time, the sweat and body heat will eventually melt the product. If you set it with latex, this shouldn't be too much of an issue, but the latex's edges can still lift up. So if you are going to wear the scarwax and latex over a long time, I am recommending you might go for something like third-degree. But if you are only using it for a couple of hours, then scar wax and latex is a good choice.
Bodyheat, if you are a generally heathen person, or you'll be dancing or getting warm in some way, this will affect the result. The sweat and heat will loosen up the products sticky-ness, and makes latex edges show and  the wax to melt and wrinkle, consider this.
Makeup, I noticed when doing the ripped up nose look on Tiril, that the makeup hid and in cooperated the wrinkles of the wax into the look. The thick blood and crème colours made it seem like barnacles and a more textured wound. And I wasn't bringing my latex, so I was only using wax.
So if you are using delicate makeup, seal it as much as you can. But for more ripped, textured and messy damages, you can get away with a few coats of latex on a long night or skip it for the smaller sessions.

Colour, choosing the colour that matches you is important. You can always lighten it up with foundation and crème makeup for old scars, but if you choose too light it looks horribly fake. But you can get away with it being teenie tiny to dark, if you are covering it with red and purple colours to create wounds.

Blending, it's really not too hard with some practice and time. I suggest you use moisturiser, or body lotion to make it soft and using a spatula or a hobby store modelling tool to blend the edges as perfect as possible.

Cutting and shaping, when cutting into wax, always use a tool, with makeup remover or moisturiser. Or else it will stick to your tool and come of your face/hand/whatever. Same goes for shaping.
And make sure to use a safe tool that will not hurt you. 

Lastly, to make it stay in it's place you can add latex, I usually use 4-6 coats of this if it's going to stick for a long time. But if you are using it to scare the crap out of some, 2-3 coats are just fine. Notice the wax can wrinkle a bit underneath, so be careful with placement and movement.
Or you can leave it, but this will make it wrinkle.

Removing, it is incredibly easy. If you are just using wax and not latex, use your spatula along the wound and gently scrape the surface and it will come right off. If you are using it with latex, you can soften the edges with spiritgum remover if you'd like, and then just rip it off and it will come right of. If you are using pro's aide for example, make sure to remove this more gently as it's a stronger adhesive.

And there you have it, how to use, blend and remove scar wax, my own tips and tricks. 

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