Five halloween (makeup!) fails

Hello lovely people! I am usually tipping and tricks-ing how to do your makeup and other looks, but today is about what you should not do, halloween style!

1. Just. don't. be. lazy.
Okay, I may be very exited for halloween, a little above average. But do not put some streaks on your face and "I'm a cat, meow". It's not a costume. Just come in regular clothing if you don't want to dress up, if you only do this you look so careless, in a bad way.
And to be honest, if we care just the slightest bit about a costume, we can all drag our eye liner a bit further out and use some mint-flavoured fake blood?


2. Streak-mark paint
I know drawing is hard, but to make the most basic shapes aren't necessary. There's great artists who show you a simple way to up-do your face painting, without having to be artistic!

3. Not sticking to the plan
There are so many people that has bought these do it yourself pieces and they have like one vampire bite, a 3 degree burn, a bullet hole and claw marks? Just why? Stick to one costume at the time. There is no sense in it.

4. Not wearing a wig
If you don't have money for a wig, that's of course okay. But if you dress up like aurora in sleeping beauty, 2 inches dead black hair may not be suitable?

5. Boring
Now this isn't really a fail, but I still put it on the list. The one year you can be anything you want, and you're just following plain old witch again? 

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