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Hello lovelies! I was honestly embarrassingly happy today when I found a better dupe for the dior skin star collection, the maybelline new york fit me foundation!

It matches perfect with my skintone, it's budget friendly, looks natural, it's opaque it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, it doens't dry out my skin, it's not too yellow and most importantly, it's not too pink.
I did buy this today, so I'm not sure of the wear time. But it does cover my skin well and matches my light skin. And I was really surprised by it since I haven't found any match to my neck other then the dior one in "Porcelain", my shade here is also 110 "Porcelain".

Truth to be told, I always check the foundation first on my wrists for a good 10 minutes, then on my neck, before I buy it. There is several reasons for that, I get to test more foundations and shades, the foundation gets time to oxidate and I have very red face compared to the rest of my body, so if I match it with the perfect match in for example my cheeks, I look like a tomato. And if it matches my neck the transition will be seamless.

The left part of my face are covered in the foundation.

Here I've finished my makeup, I need 1 1/2 pump for my entire makeup with heavy photo appliance.

The price on Vita was 159 NOK, and at feelunique it's about 10 dollars or something. Keep in mind, I did not find the porcelain one looking a little bit, so if you are pale with settled yellow undertones like me, you might need to dig a bit deeper.

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