Ben Nye Thick Blood Review

Halloween is right around the corner and I have a review for you guys of fake blood. Now I know Norwegians aren't the biggest at celebrating Halloween, but maybe one of you guys are going for some gory halloween look?
Anyways, if it's not halloween and you're not particularly interested in SFX makeup, there is nothing that says you don't need some thick blood, because you can always scare the pants of a friend or family member. I can't do that any more thought, because they have seen all of my previous looks and they are used to it. I have literally heard several times "One time you are going to actually hurt yourself, and no one will believe you and think it's just makeup".

Okay over to the main point, if you are going to buy just one blood type, I would suggest getting thick blood. There is a reason for that, and first, it looks the most realistic. Most deep cuts have darker blood, and to light blood can kill the entire look.
Second, thick blood isn't supposed to harden, but it does dry out (A good way) a little bit. And when you apply it, it doesn't go everywhere and make a total mess. All in all, it stays on your face, exactly where you want it.

And what about the Ben Nye one?
I have the largest container at 500 ml, that's because I use it a lot, and the bigger size you get for some reason, the cheaper it is. The medium one is 250 for 300 ml and the other is 350 (NOK!) for 500.


The consistency is gel like and remind me a lot of their dried gel blood. It's quite thick, so it's great for creating texture in wounds.


The colour is quite dark, but it's still light enough to fit scratches. So I prefer to use the master bruise FX wheel with the blood.

Wear time

The wear time of this is really good, when I'm creating a look I am too lazy to take it of immediately and I think it's fun to scare my mum. I usually wear this between 6-8 hours


I think generally fake blood can be expensive, but compared to "Fresh scratch" it's cheap. It's okay pricing. The pro brands are usually cheaper then fun stores or cheap halloween store brands, and it doesn't really make sense, but in the long run they're cheaper.

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