Theatrical thursday 1# Ben nye F/X Wheel Master bruise review and bruise makeup

For today's theatrical makeup, I decided to add a review to my makeup look. Basically because bruises are basics of special effects and is required to a lot of other wounds and damages. 

Now I dabbed the individual colours in a bruise like way, just so you would see how it would look on it's own, but still see the colours. Note is that the colours are applied heavily and for a realistic look, you would have used lighter coverage. 

I would say the green and the two darkest colours are my favourite for making bruises. For an aged and almost healed bruise, you can absolutely dab green and a tiny tiny bit of the yellow and it will look very realistic. 

I actually love all of the colours, but:
1. The yellow is very pigmented, use with a brush and a light hand for maximum control. 
2. The bright red fits better for irritated skin, and works best for swollen areas and not so much a bruise on it's own. But it is essential in a scrape/wound damage with bruises. 
3. Be careful with the dark blue as it's very pigmented. 

I would count on at least 50-60 large bruises with this. I bought mine around February, and I use mine for bruising, cuts and so on. 

The packaging and colour combination 
I think the colour combination of this is perfects and I love this palette for bruising.
The packaging is nice and sleek, it looks professional and cool at the same time.

I was trying to make it seem like I was hit by something round, hard and fast. Making the area swell and this is the bruise a day after.

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