Styling lilac hair weheartit/tumblr style

I had some hair fun tonight because my feet hurt like .... , so I stayed at home with mom and took an easy Saturday.

And after trying a what felt like a hundred attempts to get a picture I liked as my header, I finally did it.
I don't know why, but with the JPG picture it turned grey in my blog spot template editor, but on my computer and in my picture editing program it was white?

And since I thought it was too big, I edited it to become more rectangles, after I stopped worrying with the darker colours. My paint produces PNG pictures instead. And when I set that as header, boom, white background, weird.

I just tested the typical weheartit styles on my hair since it's lilac now, and it's often pastel hair with these cool but simple hairstyles.

This is my header, so I don't really need to post it here, buut I did it anyways ^_^

And here you go, my attempt at the upside down braided up-do. PS! I am terrible at doing my own hair.. I prefer to do others.
And my hair since it's layered, it's too short to create a nice thick bun and I can't find my hair doughnut :(

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