Rocking dark lipstick for autumn

So you want to rock a bold lipstick in autumn?
I think everyone can have dark lips, but what fits you the best?
This is the first of three posts, the others are coming later this week. It is bold dark lips for smaller lips and how to make your lips look fuller.

All of the lip product swatches in the order of the picture on top.

First of what are your shade? I love playing around with makeup and have tons of different lipsticks. Are you playful, elegant, simple, edgy, sexy or romantic?
Do you want multiple choices or do you stick to your favourite?

Here are different levels of lipstick, colour and what occasion and style they fit the best

The classic red

The classic red can be combined with every look and skin tone, just adjust opacity, colour and undertone to yourself. I am a cool undertone and I usually adjust this lipstick depending on the look I'm going for. The colour I'm wearing is MAC Russian Red
I've been a little sloppy with my application in this because I swatched all of the colours after each other. 

Dark vampy burgunder, purple, black (Very dark lipstick)

Fits the experimental, the edgy, the sexy girl and anyone with confidence. With such a strong colour you often get both compliments and insults, and people tend to feel strongly about your lip colour. Odd as it sounds.
Here I'm wearing MAC Cyber over lip balm and without lip liner, that is why it's so translucent. 

Mid tone dark purple

It sticks out, looks autumn ready. But it doesn't draw a lot of attention. Perfect for the girl with fuller lips. This is very romantic, or sexy depending on how you style it. You can edge it up with strong contouring or a strong eye makeup, or smoother the look with clean looking makeup.
Here I'm wearing Chanel Fuchsine without a lipliner

Playful colours

This can be bright pink, blue or whatever. It's playful, fun and you are guaranteed to get some looks.
Doesn't entirely fit the simple or shy person, but can really brighten up the autumn darkness. 
Here I'm wearing Makeup mekka lollipop pink without lip liner. 

Dusty pink

A great option for the people who are scared of the bold lips, but still want to try a darker lip colour. It is very romantic and elegant. For the ones that likes to save up on makeup, this is a nice colour because you can wear it and still be trendy all year round because the pink is timeless like the red. 
Here I'm wearing MAC Speed Dial by itself

Beige/brown colours

Depending on the look you are going for, these are very nice romantic lips and very autumn like feel to the colours. It's darker but it's not sticking out, so you can use this at places where you still want dark lips but can't wear a attention seeking colour. It also matches good with mittens and hats.
The darker the colour, the more sexier and edgy it becomes. The more pink toned and lighter, the more romantic and settled impression 
Here I'm wearing MAC Cosmo by itself

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