Perfect autumn, Berry blush (MAC Breezy blush review + swatches)

Berry is one of the perfect autumn colours, or burgundy. It is very romantic, but still quite sexy at the same time.
And I love having the berry colour on my cheeks! And I have been looking for a good colour, and I found this one from MAC. Now it was too expansive for me to excuse myself to buy it, so I wished for it on my birthday. And there it was, popping up among my presents.

At MAC sites it is described as a plum with pearl.


I honestly love the look of MAC products. They are sturdy, but the downside is that you have to be careful with the glass lid if you are travelling because it can flip off.
The packaging of MAC is very sleek, clean and photogenic.


It is a shimmery colour, but it looks flattering on the skin and it makes the cheeks look alive. Not oily or glittery.
It is a powder, so I would set my foundation with coloured or translucent powder before applying this to get completely even results.


The colour are nice and deep. It doesn't apply heavily and it is very build able. In the swatches, I build up the strongest colour, just so you can see how it looks out of the pan properly and what colour it gives. It has a purple undertone to it.
I like to place this right at and a little below my cheeks, working a lot with contour since it is such a dark shade. If you place it on the apples of your cheeks, the impression can soon be overwhelming.

Who is this suitable for?

I would say for the more elegant and dressed up types. Or edgier.
It can look a bit too strong on very young faces. And a dark blush should be applied with an experienced and lightweight hand, so it fits more experienced people. 
Despite this it can compliment a lot of looks, so I would look at your own preferences. 


22 Dollars in MAC online store and I'm not sure of the Norwegian price, but I will say somewhere around 230-260. It is definitely not below 200 NOK or over 300 NOK. 

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