My ten essentials for autumn

Hi lovelies! I thought I'd mix up the themes a bit with my ten essentials for autumn including some other things then beauty and makeup.

Knitted sweaters 

I love autumn fashion and the knitted sweaters are just like wearing a blanket all day long!

Hot tea and coffee

No secret I love my tea and coffee, as I always post this on instagram .., eherm... And now as the hot weather has cooled down, it warm and comforting to drink the hot beverage and enjoy it.

Stockings and thigh highs

 I love stockings and thigh highs! The thicker ones warms your feet in the cold and humid weather. And they all look so sexy (!) and adorable at the same time. But of course, you should be careful with this outfit, so don't go from adorable and sexy to skanky and provoking outfit (That makes everybody uncomfortable)

Berry and vine coloured lipstick

There is something wonderfully vampy with berry lipstick. It vamps up any outfit and it can also look very elegant. 


Candles are a good mood setter, and since 2/3 of my candles smells like cinnamon or spice they match pretty good. And that makes lighting more then (not) a throw up experience.
And of course for the love-birds out there, they are incredibly romantic  <3 
I've already bought a small version of this and wishing for the big one for christmas!


No secret, at the bus and often otherwise as well I usually have my headphones around my neck and at my head listening to music. 
And, for autumn I feel like I need my headphones because I'm starting school. And that means taking bus at least two times daily, five days a week. 

Picture of me compleeetly makeup free, for my morning transformation blogpost

Orange and brown eyeshadow

Just because the colours remind me of leafs on the ground and the beautiful colours of autumn. 

Aloe Vera Body Lotion

In the temperature changes my skin dries up, and my feet always flakes. So this is my saving, sometimes I need I little bit more against dehydrated skin and not dry. But this works good for dry skin. 


Like my skin, my lips are dry and in autumn they crack up like crazy. I need a lipbalm around 24/7 and I found this one from urban decay works wonders. Sadly it's out of range, so once I've finished my tube of the fuchsia one I have to find a new one..


I am a all-year round reader, but in autumn I find it essential. Many hours spent in the couch and it is getting darker outside, I just tend to read a lot more!
I finally got a good reads account and I'll start reviewing books there.