My current hair picks

These are the current products I use in my daily or weekly routine for my hair. I am a big user of Moroccan oil and I am usually only hydrating and keeping my hair tame. So there is not a lot of styling here, if I'm doing favourite hair products, I might include that :)

Moroccan oil:

This bottle of oil does wonders to my hair and tames the frizz very well. I also love the smell of my Moroccan oil and since I work in a saloon I get some discount on it.
The original price is 329; Nok, you can buy it at your nearby hair saloon or lookfantastic.com

Moroccan oil hydrating hairmask:

I have been writing about this before here. I am loving this and it keeps my hair healthy, silky smooth and soft. It doesn't weight my hair down either.
The original price is 299 NOK, buy this at a nearby saloon or at www.lookfantastic.com

Joico violet shampoo: 

This keeps my lilac hair nice and cold. It also has helped me with the yellowness in my blonde. And it cleans my hair just about enough for my activity level and it keeps it soft. 

Tigi Honey and oatmeal hydrating conditioner:

I have been using this after every shower, and my hair feels soft and strong after using this. It doesn't smell overpowering either.
The original price is somewhere around 250 nok, I'm unsure, but you can buy it at a nearby saloon or at www.lookfantastic.com/

Tigi Straighten out and GHD Flat iron candy collection:

I have straightend my hair twice this week, so my heat protective has come in handy. But my pick is the GHD flat iron, it damages as little as a heat iron can do and makes the straightening process easier.
Buy this at a nearby saloon or at www.lookfantastic.com/