Morning transformation

Hi lovelies!
I thought I'd share my morning "transformation" with you for my internship.
I am currently in hairdressing internship and I'll in it until Monday. And from and with 26 of
September I will be in it every other Friday.

This is literally the mess I create every morning, changing between cafe latte, skinny iced latte from the store and tea! But I find it relaxing to do my makeup in the morning.

I was so tired this morning, and I had super dark circles and puffy eyes! And dry lips..

I only used concealer today, I had kind of a breakout with zits from wearing foundation all week..

So there you have it, how I do my makeup for simple days!
I am still tired from work and I've had Marianne visiting all night, so I'll watch some blog posts and youtube videos and then go to bed and have a good night sleep..

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