Fuller looking lips and how to rock bold colours with small or aged lips

So you want to rock a bold lip? Darker lipcolours are the cherry on the icecream in autumn/winter, but what suits you the best?
Click this link for my "Guide to darker lips in autumn"  I think anyone can wear a darker lip, with some guidance and tricks.

For smaller or older lips where the production of elasticity slows down, you should avoid the very dark colours. This is because darker colours minimize, so your lips may look like they are thinner then they actually are.  

The reason some people feel like dark colours still make their lips look fuller with matte, one coloured lipstick is because you fill in your entire lip. Making the less pigmented areas show up. But if you used a more light to medium shade they would look bigger then the dark colour. 

This is why I love my dark lipstick, because I am already blessed with big lips, so very light colours make them look bloated.

And if you have a lot of wrinkles near the mouth area, keep away from the darkest. It will make you look crankier and it might bleed out. 

If you have smaller lips, instead of contouring a lot to make them look more three dimensional, highlight the most. This will make them look more flattering and fuller.

Now for colour you should always consider the colour and undertone to the skin. But cold colours can look a bit darker, smaller and distanced. Try a darker orangy red or a darker rosé colour.

Make sure to use a matching lipliner to your lipstick. But if you don't have that, use a invisible or one near your natural lipcolour. Try to not use a darker lipliner then your lipstick.

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