Dark lilac ombre hair, I needed a change

It reminds me of the 90's grunge look, darkened for fall as well. 

Yeah so I suddenly got purple hair.. And I said I wanted to keep it blonde until it's gotten long enough...
To my defence, I am soon at the minimum length hair, and I needed to change my hair without any particular big consequences like bleach or cutting it of. And the plus side of this semi-permanent, is that it look awesome when faded. It will just result in white/very lavender hair.
The dye I used was from Joico.

I was only thinking about getting a settled white hair or lilac. But I made the mistake of mixing it with conditioner and it Just. Looked. Terrible.
So I tried to make lemonade out of my lemons and I ended up with even more awesome ombre hair.

The reason I needed some change, was firstly, I had been blonde or starting to get blonde since MARCH.. Do you have any idea how long sticking with one colour that is for me? Second, when the hair is blonde, it's kind if boring.
Third, I recently went single, at the top of that I haven't been very happy lately. This may sound silly, but I needed to change myself. I could not afford a new style, neither did I want to. And I wanted to dye my hair, or cut it short, or both.
Instead of cutting my hair off to change my look, which I might regret if I want long purple/blonde/green/silver hair and then short. I just dyed it with a dye that washes out.

I am truly happier then I've been for months, because I was either super happy or super sad. And I always went around with a lump in my stomach worrying.
And I wanted to get rid of "The old me" and just be who I am. Not who everybody tells me I should be, or look for that matter.

And I was also with Tiril and Anne Guro to Trondheim today and we had coffe at Waynes Coffee 

Iphone quality, sorry ^_^