~ Brb world ~ four blogs I love ~

Last night was so fun, we celebrated Sofies birthday and I amongst some other girls stayed the night. I'm still quite tired after the birthday so I decided to share a post with you that I have been thinking about doing for so long. And that is four blogs I read.
Of course this is far from all, and there are many great bloggers I read that I didn't mention. This is just some of them :)


Picture borrowed from Livetblantdyrene.no

This is a norwegian cartoon blogger. I love her humour, quirkiness and initiative.


Borrowed from her blog, tattavkvinnene.blogg.no

She's a nice everyday blogger, she writes interesting and takes good photos. Usually reading her blog on my bus to or from school/work.


Borrowed from her blog, lipstickwithsomesunshine.com
This is one of my go to beauty blogs. I love her style, her bold brows and almost mystic looking pictures. If I'm ever having writing block I read through her blog and I'll find some inspiration.


Borrowed from her blog, hvaskjerakine.blogg.no
Another norwegian cartoon blogger. She does more cartoons then livetblantdyrene though. I love her fun twisted way of making everyday situations funny and I always laugh because I have seen it and irritated myself over the same.

I'm not the greatest at commenting and sharing posts, but I hope this will help putting a smile at someone's face today!
If you didn't get mentioned, no worries, there is a big chance you will be linked up next time. And if you have a blog, comment below and let me know. I'll love to check it out!


  1. Sara med bloggen tattavkvinnene er så herlig! Digger henne <3

  2. Tusen takk, snille deg! Dette var utrolig koselig å lese <3