Basic contouring 101 (Video and blogpost)

Here are tips on basic contouring. Basically ground tips, nothing about face shapes. You do not need to use them all and use for the features you want to hide or highlight.

Important, contour products with a lot of orange/red undertones can end up looking very unnatural. If you want something warm, go for a golden settled shimmer. 

1. Smaller forehead
Use a matte contouring powder in the temples and against the forehead.
You can also highlight to make it stand more out.

2. Sharper chin
Place the contouring soft in a V on the chin, the end at the tip of your chin. 

3. Defined jawline 
Place a light stroke of matte contouring beneath your jawline, very important that you don't use shimmer.

4. High cheekbones
Here is a quick tip, instead of the fish face. 
Use a spoon and take the end of the spoon on the apples of your cheek and up toward the ears and place your contouring beneath them.

Or you can feel your cheekbones and apply it underneath the bone. 
You don't necessarily need to use a matte if you only use a light hand. 

Apply a shimmery or matte highlighter. A matte highlighter will make it look more natural and are more picture friendly. You can use both powder and creams, but I prefer creams. 
But a shimmer/dewy highlighter will give you a glow.

For a nice change and diversity, use shimmer in the spring/summer and matte in wintertime and fall.

5. Sharp/smaller nose
Recommended to use a matte and a cream product. Use a small line down your nose at each side. Place a highlight at the bridge of the nose.
Make sure to connect it to the eyebrows and blend well. It should barely be seen on a regular make up look. 
You can use both shimmer and matte at the bridge of the nose, but matte will look more natural and fit better for pictures.

6. Higher nose tip
Works best combined with the sharp/smaller nose trick. But this will only work of the highlight on the bridge of the nose are matte or just your foundation base.
Use a demi to semi shimmery shade and place it at the tip of your nose. 
For even more dramatisation, add some light contouring underneath the highlight. 

7. Defined cupids bow (Lips)
Now lip contouring deserves an own post or video itself. But one tricks I will still add. To get a more defined cupids bow, add some very light/white cream and make your lips stand out. 

8. Eye brightening (Inner corner) (Underneath brow)
As well as lip contouring, the optimal contouring for eyes deserves its own video or post. But there is two basic tips for brightening the eyes and face.
Place highlight in the inner corner and you will instantly look less tired. Place underneath brow bone for a lift and brightening.

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