50% of Pinkyparadise exclusive coupon code, Halloween lenses/circlelenses (CLOSED)

Hello my lovelies, as I wrote yesterday I got a special surprise for you.
And it's a 50% of coupon code of pinkyparadise

It ends the 6th of October and you can order the lenses here

Click here to get to their website 

And to ensure you that I'm not bullshitting you with something I haven't tried, here is some reviews I wrote months ago

Coupon code

! Remember, if your lenses are ripped or broken/the glass bottle aren't sealed and things like that, they will fix the problem. Just send them an email and then return it, they'll send a new pair.!

And if you have shipping problems like I did, don't hesitate to email them. They'll track your order and it will find it's way :)

Only one purchase per costumer

This code is only applicable to lenses (execpt pahtasee series, montly lenses and toric-astigmatism lenses), Any other products like cosmetics will not be included.