Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

The naked basics palette is from the Urban Decay Naked collection. Right now it is three other eye shadow palettes in that collection, which is the naked 1, naked 3 and naked 3.
I already own a vice 2 palette and I knew I liked the quality of Urban Decay eye shadows, now I'll tell you if the basics palette filled my expectations!

The reason I went for the naked basics is that they are mostly matte and the other palettes are mostly shimmery.


It's sturdy and it doesn't lock open unless I'm actually pressing.
Which I see as a good thing because especially with powder products when the cap opens, the product get's everywhere and creates such a mess.
And the packaging colours are pretty and it doesn't take up more space than needed. It's slim and fits about everywhere.


- This is a cream white or an egg-white. It is not pure white, it leans a bit towards yellow. But it is a gorgeous colour.
- I would use this as the highlight in my eye shadow.
- This is the only shimmery colour in the palette
- Good colour payoff as a hightlight, okay at it's own with a primer
- Looks very good combined with a wet/steamy brush. It gets a beautiful irredustent indescribable colour.

- This colour is also in the naked 2 palette.
- It is matte, a light yellow beige colour.
- I would say if you are going for all-matte this is the highlight depending on your skin colour.
- Perfect for a 50's or 40's eyemakeup combined with faint.
- Good colour pay off, but blends in with my natural skin dry
- Looks very good combined with a wet/steamy brush
- Blends very well with my skin colour, so I use this as my base for blending and to blending out harsh edges.

On the box the real name is Walk of shame. This is just a shortening of it.
- A matte, ligt pink/beige colour.
- Good colour pay off.
- Nice transition colour

Naked 2:
- Similar to "naked" in the first naked palette.
- Not very dark so it fits best as a base for darker makeup looks or no-makeup makeup, instead of a crease colour.
- The colour pay off is good
- Blends best with something beneath like the W.O.S.
- You can build it up and it will show up quite well, and it does show up properly if mixed with a steamy or wet brush.

- It reminds me of a dark coffee brown.
- I am often using "Deadly" from makeup store, but this is better as it is a few shades lighter.
- Build able and get's even darker with a steamy/wet brush.
- Blends good.
- Good colour pay off.

- Matte, completely black.
- It is a very pigmented black and with a little bit of water it can replace eyeliner.
- Build able
- Good colour pay off

Who is this suitable for?

I would say the basics palette is a very versatile palette. As it is matte, earth tones and goes with all skin tones, it is perfect for a beginner. This is something I would buy my cousin when she's old enough to wear makeup, but at the same time it can just as easily be used by a professional makeup artist.

If you are going to buy someone makeup for christmas, this is a safe choice. 


29 Dollars at sephora.com (They ship to Norway now!). Which in norwegian Krone are 178,9.

You do get 6 eye shadows that is very pigmented, versatile, travel friendly and long lasting. So I would say it is a bargain.

If there is any more questions, feel free to comment!


  1. Så fint innlegg! har hatt sykt lyst på denne lenge, men vet ikke hvordan jeg skal få tak i.
    Det hjelper ikke at Sephora shipper til Norge når dette kommer opp når jeg prøver å bestille paletten: "This item cannot be shipped to your location." Så de vil ikke sende den til Norge... fikk du den derfra? :)

    1. Takk :D Jeg kjøpte den på Sephora I frankriket :/
      Hmm, rar beskjed, uansett, jeg fant to linker her http://www.beautybay.com/cosmetics/urbandecay/nakedbasicspalette/
      og http://www.hqhair.com/urban-decay-naked-basics-palette/10639380.html

  2. tusen takk! får håpe de funker :)