OPI Start to finish 3-1 top coat, base coat and strengthener review

OPI is one of the worlds most famous nail lacquer companies and was once salon exclusive but are now available to the public like the makeup brand MAC Cosmetics.
I am truly in love with this brand and this might be one of my favourite products of theirs. But it does depend on what you are using it for if it is worth the price.

As a base coat
It works fine, it smooths out the nails before application of nail lacquer and it does protect your nail decently. Now bought only for base coat it is not worth the hype.
1 layer for base coat, 2 layers for base coat and nail strengthener. And a last layer for top-coat.

As a nail strengthener
This product is amazing for people with a lot of nail problems and not enough patience to fix them all day.
And I myself has a lot of problems with chipping nails, breaking them and them not growing. But this stuff keeps them strong. It doesn't change the nail permanently, which means the strength will be gone if you're not wearing it. I had a period between February and June I was out of my bottle and my nails began to shorten like crazy, chip and just look plain ugly.
I started using it combined with filing instead of cutting my nails and taking vitamins. So the strengthener keeps them from completely chipping and breaking whilst vitamins helps the growth.
I am naturally in lack of vitamin B, but all my other vitamins are fine and I am already getting a significant amount through food. Therefore my doctor recommended taking vitamins and my nails got better as a side effect.
For best effect use this by it self and 2 to 3 coats. But also works with nail polish.

As a top coat
Again amazingly. It keeps nail polish onto your nails very good. My last manicure lasted 6 full days and keep in mind the fact that my extra job includes cleaning, which makes nailpolish and so on wear off a lot faster.
If working with a lot of water or soap, try to paint them every two days to keep it's full strength.

Price: I payed 21 euros at Lafayette for this bottle in France and my last 210 NOK.
It is kind of a pricey product, but compared to the fact that you don't need to buy these seperatly which would have been a lot more, it is quite a bargain. And the product is really good, so the money get good value.

I give it 9/10, because the bottle runs out fast. 

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