My summer 2014

I went to Sephora with Kristin. We actually are sitting on a

Starbucks there.

This was at Haagen Daaz, and it is the best dessert

restaurant chain in the world!

We had a pool at our house!

I soo wanted this vintage jacket, but it was

to expensive as I wouldn't have had as much use for it

These are the pictures I found at my phone. More will come when I've downloaded the pictures from my SLR camera.
Mmmm chocolate fondant with dark Belgian chocolate..
I ate a burger at a very fancy restaurant and it contained real beef!
I drew a rose on the plane to make the time pass by. As it said, we travelled 25th of June.

On my way to Vestlandet, somewhere around Stordammen.
My grandma and Eline made blueberry pie home baked!
Makeup practising, but I didn't bring my SLR camera,
sadly the blitz of my camera made the makeup look sharp.
View over the ocean near the cabin
On the trip there
On the trip as well.

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