Makeup forever eyeshadow Black "4"

I got this eyeshadow in France at Sephora, and I'd been looking for a black eyeshadow for such a long time. I was originally looking for the smashbox black eyeshadow because I saw a swatch at Instagram by sokolum. But after seeing this one I fell for it immediately.


Powder, matte.

The packaging are smooth and slim. Looks very sophisticated and has the feel of high-end products. It opens okay, it is sturdy and takes up small place. 
The pan is quite big and not too deep. I like it because if I am working with halloween makeup I can easily transform it into a contour without having a lot of brush problems. 

How it looks

- You can build it up very good and it is very blend-able. 
- It is very pigmented.
- With primer it gets deeper and more cold black, while without it is softer.
- Mixed with a mixing liquid or water it can become an eyeliner. Although mixing liquid will destroy a little layer of eyeshadow, so it will run out fast if you mix it regularly.

Suitable for
Smokeyeyes, darkening creases and so on.
It is very pigmented so if you are new to makeup, be careful with it. 

I payed 23.90 Euros at Sephora France. I read at makeupforever.no that "Make up for ever selges hos Anti Age Academy, Thomles gate 4, 0270 Oslo. "

A little bird told me Sephora has problems shipping certain items to Norway, but if you live anywhere else in Norway and want to get this product. Anti age Academy shipss wherever you live here :)

If you want this, visit your local sephora or wait until it's back in stock at sephora.com for 21 dollars :)

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