MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 foundation review

I bought this first in 8th grade and I've repurchased it now in 11th grade.  I got this recommended for my dry/normal skin and my fair skintone.  The shade is "1".

I used makeup forever full cover extreme camouflage cream in "4" next to it. 


Mine are used quite a lot, so the black part is quite dirty. But it is a very smooth pretty packaging.
The bottle is a thick glass bottle, so it is recyclable meaning that it is more environment friendly.
Sad part is that you have to be careful so it doesn't fall because it breaks easily. 


It is a liquid cream, high coverage and a matte formula. It is actually very easy to blend but it sets very very fast so you have to work fast if you don't want to apply to much.
My problem with the texture is that it was recommended for me with dry skin at a MAC store. But it is a very drying formula and I think it would be suitable for someone with oily skin.
Because of the drying formula it can cake up after a while around the nostrils. And if you have very dry skin like me, flakiness caused of cold in the winter can look worse than it is. 


I'm not sure if mac changed their formula from cold/neutral to warm. But it is a little to warm for me. It doesn't show up too much now after summer and at camera luckily, but in the winter it shows up very well. 
The colour is very orange and that does not suit me at all when I am not a little bit tanned.. I am a very olived skin person (More yellow then orange) and I am also quite fair. And the
 undertone of this is warm and I am cold. 

One of the reasons I am very disappointed of the foundation is because the MAC workers were positive that this was my right shade, but I have a darker skin shade at my hands then my face and neck. And since I bought this in the winter, it was to dark for me. 

This foundation gets a lot of negative because of the colour for me. But if you have a warm undertone and oily skin, it can very much work for you.


It does cover well and it makes your skin look flawless. As I said, if I had oily-er skin and was a bit warmer I would like this foundation a lot better.


Right now the shade doesn't look to bad because I am tanner then in the winter.
For you to see the result of how good coverage it does give, I have applied it to half of my face. 

Foundation applied to the right side of my face. 
As you may not know, foundation needs some minutes to oxidative (I think that are what it's named). In case I'm wrong about the name let me explain. When the foundation are out of the bottle it will apply somewhere around how it looks in the bottle. After a couple of minutes when it has contacted with oxygen the colour changes slightly. And you can see the colour a lot better in the last picture after it had been applied for 10 minutes. (I skipped powder to show how it looks bare). And as you can see, it looks a bit to warm for me.

Wearing time:

You don't necessarily need a powder as this last a very long time. I once forgot to powder and I wore it at school for 9-10 hours. And after 9-10 hours of application it still stayed on.

I am going to finish this bottle as it's not enough of the wrong shade to show up good. So to save some money I will finish this. But I will not repurchase it.

I give it a 4/10 because the wearing time is great, the coverage is great. The texture is okay. But the colour or texture did not work out for me. 

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