Getting semi-permanent haircolour (And keeping it!) Fudge, Manic Panic, Revlon minicolour

Semi-permanent hair colour can be a lot of work to maintain, but it's really fun to have if you got time and patience.

This is a list of things that has worked for me, but there is probably hundred of more tips out there. And I'll write a separate review of each colour/brand. But I am going to explain colours, lasting effect etc. under the pictures below of me as well.
1. Bleach your hair to an even tone before doing any sort of semi-permanent. It will show through. And it makes the colour penetrate deeper.
2. Take very good care of your hair afterwards as this keeps the colour locked inside and makes your hair look and feel healthy.  
3. When dyeing, shampoo with a good rinse before use. And with manic panic the "pastelizer" will make the colour more even if thinned. But in my experience, both Revlon and Fudge do not get uneven if mixed with a good conditioner.
4. ALWAYS with manic panic colours, RINSE IN YOUR SINK! And when you are sure everything is out you can jump in the shower. Because it stains like crazy.
5. Be careful, the manic panic stains sneaks in everywhere.
6. Use gloves. And if stained on skin, use a cheap and deep exfoliator to remove colour.
7. Use one towel especially for dyeing, because you will make it look dyed and possibly depending on the colours making IKEA curtains..
8. Electric colours fade faster.
9. In blonde hair, warm blues tend to stick as green for quite a while.
8. Let the colour sink in, as there is no ammonia you can sit with it in your hair until you are happy with the intensity.
Unless it burns or iches.
9. Ask for help in the back of your head.
10. Using a hairdresser colour comb the colour gets more even.
11. If only dyeing roots, take the roots first and after about half of the duration apply evently focusing on uneven parts.
12. Take a strand test to check if you are happy with the colour. If your natural hair shows through too much, bleach it. If the colour is wrong, mix or  buy a new.
13. If not already, take an allergy test to see if you are allergic. Directions is written on the product.
14. If you have never coloured/bleached your hair, go to a professional hair stylist.
15. Warmth makes the colour penetrate deeper, last longer and be more intense.
16. Shampooing. After dying hair, do not shampoo until 24 hours, at the best 48 hours.
And try to keep the hair washing down to 3 times a week if you can.
17. Avoid harsh hair products or any hair stuff with alcohol in your hair. 
These are some tips and tricks I came up with!
Here is the previous semi-permanent hair colours I've had. Mostly purple and blue.
Summer to 10th grade, age 15, year (I think) 2011.
Firstly I used the "Revlon nutri colour crème" in "200.
The colour tube lasted forever because I wanted pastel hair. The colour is very strong, lasts good even in my back then very porous hair. 
10th grade, age 15, 2011.
This is the very first time I had blue hair. Under it was permanent black and the rest dyed at a hair saloon so I think it was permanent. The brand? Have no idea.

Age 15, year 2012, 10th grade
After a horrible episode with manic panic almost ruining my shower, I gave up blue hair and dyed it black with white streaks.
Year 2013, age 16, 11th grade
After almost a year with black and brown hair I dyed my hair purple. This time also using Revlon with the same code.
It did last longer because this was about the time I really started taking care of my hair.
Age 16, year 2014, 11th grade.
Now using "Green envy" by Fudge Paintbox, together with my hair dye with literally a drop of manic panic "Rockabilly blue" it did not stain of (Yeyy) and lasted quite a while. And I really liked the dark green colour.
Age 16, year 2014, 11th grade 

And this is a very lame selfie I took 14th of February, on my way to the bus feeling like "forever catlady", at least you get the idea. Very dark and cold purple next to dark green.
The colour itself lasted a while, I had finally found a way to use manic panic. But the store I got it from rarely had my colour. So if I'm ever going back to this I would have to order online.
Age 16, year 2014, 11th grade
At this point I went back to blue and I used rockabilly blue, although very washed out on this picture. It was a bit too electric for me though.
The colour stained a little bit the first two to three washes and it was good after that. I am not a particular big fan of manic panic anyways.
Age 17, 11th year and 2014.
I did went back to blonde after many years. But after I while I added in some blue highlights. Right now as I am washing them out it looks a bit green though. But I'm getting there :)

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