I have never tasted "Red Velvet" cupcakes before but I is now my new favourite


 My grandma (Yes! She is my grandma) eating her macaroon. I can't remember the name of it but she said it was delicious. Sadly I'm allergic to macaroons so, I am always tempted!

And I spent 2,5 hours in a bus today from L√łkken to Trondheim. I was sleeping over at my boyfriend at their new house. Needless to say I was pretty bored during the trip, but they had wifi at the bus so next time I'll bring my handy mini-ipad.


 I was also sick during this week so I drank lots and lots of water, but I also had coffee and pepsi because the medication made me nauseous.
And let me just say, at the trip home (8-9 hours) with carsickness (Which I've never been before) I drank Coca Cola like next to a lot of water two medium bottles because it calmed the sickness, but I absolutely hate the taste of coke unless it's in a can (I have no idea why).


As I said I'll be sharing some pictures from vacation here and there, but not a lot because of a upcoming post.

I have practised a lot of makeup/techniques this summer and trying without any latex or sculpting. Because if I can make it realistic without any bumps and stuff, it will look even better with latex/sculpting.
And I am testing out child-facepainting. Now I am a lot better in gore, cuts etc. and I have never done that mouth part before, so I'm still learning!
I am considering putting up more comics to my blog as it is a big part of my hobbies. And I am working on a big project for my Grandmother so in November I'll be sharing the process and finished work!

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