Beautiful France, calming cabin and sickness

As most of you know it's summer vacation.
The first two weeks of the vacation I went to France right near by Antibes in the middle of Cannes and Nice.
We did a vacation combo with beach/pool life and shopping/sightseeing every other day. We went to both Nice and Cannes, Monaco in Monte Carlo, Antibes centrum and Grasse.
We went to see the international bath and perfume museum in Grasse and oh my the ancient bottles were so beautiful and I am filled up with lots of inspiration.
I am writing a more in debt blog post about france with pictures, some history, opinions, thoughts and I am trying to see if I have enough files to do a short vlog.

And I had two weeks of before heading to Hyen in Norway which is approximately 7,5 hours or something away. The first week I was working, visiting family, seeing friends and planning a makeup job I'm doing at Torucon this year.
And the second week I met my boyfriend after a month. And because at the time both of us thought he was moving to Kjærringøy (10,5 by train from Trondheim) I had cleared my week to be with him. And he woke me up and I was so happy. I have never been so happy to see him.
But as the week went by it turned out to not moving, which made me, his friends and most of all his family here very happy.

But the reason I haven't been updating as much is because our internet has gone bleh. So the only time my computer logs on the internet when I am home is on the floor in a corner with our short cable.
So if my short updates are a little unstable you know why, but my in debt posts will be up as usual.
The last two days of my trip to Hyen in our cabin I went ill, but it's not dangerous or contagious, but right now I feel like shit. And I am home now, and soo bored ...

I haven't taken the time to download my pictures, so this will be just text.


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