Autumn coming, back to school styling, haul

Hello! Today I decided to post a short haul/back to school styling. I am a very autumn type person in clothing. I love the colour palette and the patters.
I am in no way a fashion person, I am updated on hair/makeup, but clothing no real clue.

Truth to be told I took the picture of the jeans the last, and I am sooo awkward behind camera, Especially in pictures. So I moved inside to take the last pictures. 
I bought this brown high waisted jeans from VEROMODA yesterday.
I am honest saying this, I think this is the very first pair of jeans I've bought in a year, At least.
You see I am the type of person who wears dresses, shorts and skirts all year round, Regardless if there is 15 C or 30- C. I just add on thicker wool stockings or skipping them.

And the only days I actually wear jeans instead of leggings or skirts, I am either wearing my high wasted black jeans or going to work were I don't want to ruin my favourite clothes.
Although I am going into hairdressing this year, I will not wear this days we have practical assignments until it is worn out. I wanted to get another pair of jeans, but I hate denim.
But I have seen brown pants before and I love it. And when I saw this high wasted model I was sure this was the one I wanted.  

Here you can see the model, slim-fit dark chocolate colour with gold details. Simple and beautiful at the same time.
In the back it is a long gold zipper to get the jeans on/off. They do stretch as most pants a bit, but throughout the day are still skinny jeans.

And this is one of the ways I'd style my jeans. I finally found a way to use my vintage shirt I bought in Oslo. On a colder day maybe a shirt stuck in the pants and a nice scarf to keep me warm. 

Underneath this madness there is the new dress I bought at VEROMODA as well. But I thought I'd share an outfit that is quite warm and looks great to wear in school.
The big blackety thing (I can not remember what it is called, if you remember please tell me), I have styled it with a waistline belt to keep it out of my way. But this idem can also be worn by itself.
Beneath it I have the dress.

And to keep up with the autumn theme without changing colour palette to much, I used my brown leather shoes from Minelli, a brand-less bronze ring, grey stockings with bows, a black bowlerhat, dark vampy makeup and an invisible pantyhose to break the outfit a bit.

This was really the most serious pictures I was able to take of myself outside where people could see me..

Well here I took of my styling and stuck with the stockings, shoes and hat. Oh and my ring.
I love this dress. It's not open in the back to it covers a bit. Looks great on my figure and light weight. Making it a dream to wear.
And I love lace, anything with lace I am there.

Right now I'm switching betweeen watching youtube and editing a vlog from my summer vacation. Have a good night and see you tomorrow with a brand new video.