Relaxation, home-spa!

This last week I've mostly been working on my year-task, and I am finally finished!

It's always so weird in the end of each school year. Because we finish our curriculum around May and then we have one month where the teachers are just desperately trying to find other things to do. So we are constantly on field trips and things like that..
It is a little bit different this year then elementary (Ehh, I'm not sure this is right, but in Norway our essential years are 1-10th grade and we start at the year we turn 6 :)), so when we are done we just cut class. The next Wednesday we do get spare time, but I'm not sure it will continue out to summer vacation.

Anyway! After finishing the application of my final task, I celebrated my birthday with the family of my dad's side. We eat grilled steaks and chips, and I was still blue underneath my pants and on my wrists and upwards my arm.

I got the sample size at Sephora last year in Denmark and it's not even half empty!

When I got home I washed off the blue paint and treated my face with a 2-1 scrub and cleanser from "Bliss" after showering. Washing it off with a toner from Declèor and finishing with a hydrating face mask from Ahava that smells like Vacation, middle-ocean, spa and clean! It really does the trick and these combined made my skin baby-soft the next day instead of dry and choppy by the drying face paint.

For the ones of you doing special effects or face paint, invest in a good hydrating mask.

I didn't do anything special this week other than that.

I'll see you again tonigt to finally upload my post about "6 top hits for summer"! 

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