My finished projects and starting my memorybook

I have finally finished my first dragon egg! I am thinking about making a brown one next time, and this is how the finished result looked like. 

 This was my year task assignment! Though I was the only one choosing theatre makeup, we all chose our own profession. The idea behind this is Frency from Grease song "Beauty school dropout". In the assignment we should adjust the theme etc. the only "rules" where it had to be about "Grease" and a première party. I had mine on Halloween and I made an opposite version of Frency's guardian angel, because for me the opposite of an angel are a demon.

I ended up with 6 or in american style A on this project and I am so happy!

I spent last night writing in my kind-of journal. I am writing down a lot of stories that has happened in here and after summer I am going to write them in into my proper memory book. So when I'm old and grey I can look back at my trips, friends, boyfriends and life in general! 

How has your day been?
- Kinkx

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