Highlighting my mothers hair plus tips and tricks for home bleach

Hello lovelies!
My week so far consisted by a lot of different things, yesterday I had a really busy day though. I was at school where the class first went to the movies and saw "Gjenforeningen" and went back for English and math, later a little review of that movie.

I went to see my boyfriend for one hour, because he was leaving for the weekend to see his hometown and attend to a confirmation. And also so when I end 13:55 instead of 14:50, the bus goes so inconvenient to my job.

After seeing him, I went straight to work and dumb as I am, no socks in my converse. It hurt ever since earlier that day, but then it was really burning. So I got some bandages and one of my colleagues was kind enough to borrow me a pair of slippers she brought earlier for the same reason.

I got home, hurried on taking a shower and rushing on some dark matching-the-movie makeup and eat.
Later I went to se "Maleficent" in theatres with a few of my friends and I was absolutely stunned!
Three of us ended up half n' hour in the city after the movie because of our bus, so we went to Mcdonalds and got milkshakes and icecream, agreeing to the fact that they probably get a lot of money income by being one of few night-open.
And then I went and intended to write a blog post and talking a bit online, ending up falling asleep on the bed in front of the computer.
She looks stunning with her horns and wings! And people wonder why I love theatrical and movie costumes/makeup?
Today I highlighted my mothers hair with home bleach and as a hairdresser student I would like to give some tips to people who are unsecure on how to get a natural result.
If you are using a pre-made kit.
1. Add in one extra row between the premade holes to drag out the hairs
2. Use violet shampoo for blonde/bleached hair
3. Finish with violet shampoo following the directions of the bottle and then adding in a violet toner in 7-15 minutes.
Make sure to feel the hairs so it doesn't fall of or gets gummy!
I'll leave you with that, goodnight!


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