Year-task and instamoments

This is my last project in "Design og håndtverk" first year, so I got I theme and it was Grease. But the profession I got to choose myself. Which naturally fell on Theatre makeup artist, or "maskør og parykkmakerfaget" as we call it here :)

This is my progression on the assignment,
and I had to make a quick costume to match the makeup!

I will be posting the finished pictures when I am done with my assignment, which will be next monday! So tuesday and the rest of the week goes on to documentation...

It was the natinoal day this last weekend and the 200th anniversary for Norways independence! It's the 17th of May and
this is my nationoal costume

Me and my mom were at a photoshoot with some friends of ours through somebody they knew, it was really fun participating!

I had my math mocking exam and I had
to ask my boyfriend and
bestfriend for help...

After my birthday 7th may, I celebrated it 10th and my
bestie slept over, this was the delicious breakfast we had!

I saw this at facebook and I thought it was so cute! And if I were this dinosaur, I would
probably do the same...


Now I'm off taking a coffee with my dad and visiting a musicshop near town, so I'll see you tomorrow for an update!

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