Zombie makeup and pinkyparadise update!

Hello sweeties!

Yesterday pretty much went to going home from Sweeden and today consisted mostly of cleaning, starting on the klairedelys tutorial for a dragon egg, sfx and chatting with my boyfriend on facebook. So not much has been going on at all this easter, but I actually enjoy it!

I only cracked open the coconut and covered the cracks, I want to finish it during this easter and not all at once, just to have a project going.

Now the zombie makeup, I did get my white princess mesh lenses from pinky paradise amongst vassen dolly plus red today. But I had such a headache at the end of the day that I decided not to.

This is the finished result, I am about to take a photo with my dlsr camera right now, so a better picture either tomorrow or the day after that will be there.

- More about pinkyparadise and zombie makeup later this week, for now sleep tight lovelies, Elise


  1. That looks really cool! I wanted to try doing the zipper face makeup for ComicCon, but this looks very similar to the Walking Dead zombies. Great job!