Pinkyparadise package!

Finally after many days I've recieved my package from Pinkyparadise. Although I need to say this, it was not because of pinkyparadise or FedEx my package came in late, it was something with the mail system here in Norway. But after a month or so, I did finally receive it!
And my video will be up a week to late because almost all of my footage of my planned video, has disappeared, hopefully never taped or else there is something wrong with my camera.

This is my review of Pinkyparadise and not the lenses, it will be up tomorrow! All pictures except the one picture where I show ones of my lenses, belongs to pinkyparadise and foureyez. 

The page: Pinkyparadise


The packaging was really secure and it came in a bubble wrapped bag and the pairs were also wrapped wih foam which made it pretty secure.
I checked the litte glass boxes they came in and no harm done.
Shipping is based upon what you choose, here are shipping and prices:

Now I will be using Norway, because I live there myself.
I feel like the little estimating tool that tells you how much you have to pay and stuff is really great and if you look at the big listing you can see how much time it takes to come to you depending on what shipping you choose.
They send you an email after receiving your order where it says to also calculate with three days and weekends. Which depend on the mailing system.

All of the contries of their list, screenshot of their webpage

The lenses I ordered:

The red lenses

Close up of another pair of mesh lenses similar to mine

A picture from a little distance of my own, excuse my evil look,
I just had to xD
I ordered "Dolly plus vassen red" and "Princess Mesh White".
I am really happy they offer lenses in prescription and that they take in consideration that you might have different prescription on right and left eye, as I do. That is one thing that often stops me from ordering lenses is that you can't order different strength..
But my only problem was with the mesh ones, that it said that "2.25" was in, and after I ordered I got a mail saying they were out of it. And I got the choice between changing strength, get my money back or change into a different pair.
As the mesh ones gives you quite blurry sight already, I chose to just get 2.00 instead. But don't get me wrong, I am able to see in them :)

My lenses costed in dollars at the end:
14.90 for shipping
1 for handling fees
23.90 for Princess Mesh
22.90 for Vassen Dolly plus red

So in the end, the lenses are one year disposal from opening, the shipping isn't to bad and if you use them quite often they will nearly pay back themselves(Especially with the prices in norway!)

Selection/opinion about the page:

I absolutely adore pinkyparadise, I think it's a great selection. Although I wish for a bit more vibrant bold lenses myself (Like white and yellow with strength!)
I love that they have real life photos and if they can, write what natural eyecolour the person has. Which is especially important for us dark eyed ones, because things tend to disappear a bit and become less vibrant at a dark surface.
And one more thing, when you order you get a cute animal lens case per lens, which comes in really handy and less stress for you :)
They are well with costumer care, take my mesh example. They sent me an email really quick after I ordered, they could have just given my money back no explanation. And they also check of the package as gift, so you don't have to deal with custom fees.
And (Although I didn't know until after opening them, naughty.. As I am a daily contact lens user anyway) they have warnings and "care for" articles on their site. For example waiting 8 hours after opening with putting them on your eyes, but luckily it went well for me :)
I do have one complaint, my lens is rip free, but the design on my right mesh lens has a little slip. I tried them on and noticed it then, but my eyes are fine and I didn't feel any discomfort. So I am not returning them as it nearly doesn't show.

4/5 :D

Have you ever ordered from pinkyparadise? And did this article help you?
- Elise


  1. Så kule linser =) Jeg savner å ha linser selv, men jeg ble redd etter at noen leger snakket om hvor skadelig det faktisk var for øynene, så holder meg unna.

    - Alona.

  2. Håper du får en kjempe fin uke :)

    - Yara