Cabin fun, facepainting!

Hello lovelies!
Currently I am in my "cabin" or more of an apartment. So the things I've been doing was shopping a bit in Ă–stersund. I bought this adorable skirt from Monkii and a champagne maxi dress for France this summer. Right now my camera is at home so I'll take some Pictures when I come home :) By te way, I haven't really taken pictures of the clothes from my Oslo trip, but I think I'll just have "My three favourite pieces from Oslo shopping" or something.

Now yesterday I started on the classic Collection "Jane Austen seven novels",

 I finally finished season 1 of Game Of Thrones and starting on season 2 (My ultimate goal this easter is to finish Game Of Thrones and start on season 4.. ^-^)

And lastly I had some fun with theatre makeup. I did my nose and my dad's girlfriend daughters makeup.

Maybe I shoud add this to a clown look?

The girl with the facepaint name is Ronja, I did a Tim Burton inspired charachter. I was having Edward Scissorhands in mind, without completely ripping of character.

The other girl is Eline, she wanted more of a wound type makeup, so using two different elements without going to far away from eachother I created a bruise and a gun shot wound..
The scarwas had wrinkled a bit so the edges wasn't as smooth when it was first made, buut maybe I'll post the picture right after I finished later.. ^-^

- Elise

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