Making a youtube video

I haven't really done much today, waking up 15 mins before my bus goes instead of  an hour, went to school looking like I just came from rehab, my hair was a mess, my make up was halfway from yesterday and I almost fell asleep during a test.
Fun! Right?? Living such a fabulous life, not really..

Picture from class yesterday, doing make up on a friend :)
 At least I woke up more by lunch and now I'm home alone writing this and a review of Moroccanoil  intense hydrating mask. And also watching this norwegian show called "Bloggerne", it's big norwegian bloggers making a show about their life, and somehow I find it interesting. My plan for today is to film a new makeup video for my youtube around 7 pm, not very much. I stand between neutral makeup (Settled smoky eyes..) and everyday doll-like make up. Maybe I'll do both, I have to see how much time the first I do take.

A quick (About 15 mins) wound makeup,
although in real life it looked a lot more natural.
Seeing it now I feel like I would have done a lot different.
But no pain no gain, I have to fail to become good :)

How was your your day? -Elise

Had my bestie over for dinner yesterday (http://kristinm0stad.blogg.no/)

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