Review of Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil "Perversion"

Firstly, this is not a new product. But, black eyeliner is a basic product
AND I am only reviewing the black shade of eyeliner as I haven't tried enough of Urban Decay to mean something about the whole range of Urban Decay eyeliners.

Now I can start on the actual review!

Pricing: I am starting with the basic, the price is 19 dollars on beautybay.com, you can also get it other places like Sephora.com. I feel like the price is okay, it's not particularly expensive compared to other eyeliners and brands because of the prices generally in Norway. But I have to order this baby online because Urban Decay (sadly..) have not yet set their foot here. Which makes me have to also include taxes, shipping, and some costs that comes with shopping there (For the first time in years, I have no idea how to say or explain it in english!...) and other costs. This means that it gets quite pricey for me anyway..

Packaging: The packaging is great! My only suggestion is that they change how you get product out to twisting the end instead of having to sharpen it. Because it is such a creamy consistency on it that there can be a quite a lot product to waste and is sometimes hard to get a sharp edge.
It is kind of heavy which gives the benefit of a steadier hand, without getting to heavy.
I also like how it is a different design from the rest, as black is such a basic colour and different packaging makes it easier to find.

About the consistency and amount of product:
The consistency is good, but I'd actually wish it was just a bit less creamy. I think I will have it in my fringe to see if it works better. Sometimes it is so creamy you just have to use a brush with it, and I like the quickness of a pencil sometimes.
But I will write a little update when I have been testing that for a while.
Now, what I really love about the eyeliners, I am not sure if this is just the black one, but it is a lot longer than your average eyeliner which will again make it last longer and justify a lot more of the price.

I have never seen such a good eyeliner, it is my favourite! It is completely black so the pigmentation is brilliant, even against cream liners this baby is the best. It does not smear when you wear it on the top of your lid in for example a cat liner. It lasts a few hours when applied to your waterline. The only other eyeliner I have used that last longer on the waterline is the Makeupstore eyeliner in "snowflake"
It glides on smooth and is easy to manoeuvre, perfect for average to professionals. The only reason I do not recommend this to beginners is because the blacker the colour, the harder to place or blend nicely and because the consistency can sometimes be messy.

As cat eyeliner and applied to the waterline:

No mascara or anything else added
This is applied quickly with nothing else to disturb..

Cat liner and water liner after 8 hours:

I don't have a picture with the waterline showing, but it wore out after four to five hours. I do still think that 4-5 hours is quite a lot of time taking the fact that I wear lenses in consideration.
It has smudged a bit in the edges, but nothing crucial that will show a lot in everyday life. I will always recommend using a base or a primer beneath eye liner, especially with my eye area skin (Oily eyelids!)

All in all it is a great eyeliner, I will defently repurchase this whenever I have the chance. If I find myself in a country they sell this by hand I'll grab a few extra for backup!

I choose to give this a 9/10 because of the a little bit to creamy consistency and the price of it.

If this helped you out or you want more of product reviews, please tell me as it helps me generate more post to my blog. - Kinkx 

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