Deciding my face for the next year

It is this time of year again, I am buying new glasses.
And you may not think about this on a regular basis (I am sure I am not), but our glasses decide a lot of our looks. When wearing glasses, not only our face gets a completely different outlook but our glasses also get our face. It basically becomes our new eyes, because that is what people will be looking at!
However, you can see my stress about this?
Now I have good luck when it comes to face shape. My face is oval and therefore can wear most glasses, but of course my eyes, lips, eyebrows also decides a lot.
But I've also had the same type of glasses for somewhat four years, I am getting pretty tired of the looks of my old ones. Thick prescription glasses, think the nerdy glasses or hipster glasses if you want..
And yes, I still think they look sweet. Buut my face needs an upgrade..

Now, big glasses on me are never wrong. If I take on a small paired of glasses or especially round ones my eyes can be compared to... small buttons or something ..

In the time I've written this, the choosing glasses and checking on my sight has come and gone. In conclusion, I get my glasses sometime around January and I ended up with very dark brown glasses with a 50's feel to them from the brand "Bruun bazar".  My sight has turned worse (It's not stable yet), I think it was - 2.75 on my right eye and -2.50 on my left eye (Plus minus 0.25, I'm a bit uncertain) but it's not a big deal yet.
Now when I was there I experienced some really bad customer treating, but I'll save that for another day, I'll see you again the day after tomorrow for a review of "Urban decay 24/7 glide on pencil in Perversion".

I've been testing purple hair with green bangs, and I think I really like it :D

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