Hello beautiful!

It's been a while since my last update, mainly because I've been focusing on my YouTube channel. But lately I've missed writing on my blog. I am not sure I will ever be able to write everyday, though I will have a schedule. The reason is that I don't feel I can give enough content everyday to give some substance in my blog.
I'm still focusing most on my youtube, but that is not because I don't like blogging. It is because I feel I can give more in my videos. But I can still share more thoughts here, because I am a weirdo who doesn't have the guts to speak English in my videos.
So what will I blog about?

  1. Well, I will do a lot of reviews. I am thinking of making some Norwegian reviews on my youtube and post them here in english so everybody can understand.. And I am probably also going to do blog exclusive reviews as well
  2. I am honestly thinking about starting a little bit fashion posts. Maybe outfit of the day and stuff. I know my style isn't what most people would wear, but maybe someone find it interesting?
  3. Obviously as this is my personal blog and not some business blog, I will engage my interests in this and I should be better at taking photos and writing about my hobbies 
  4. And my videos will continue being updated here of course :)
  5. Makeup tips, for different face shapes and colours for example

    Well, this was just a general idea of my blogging from now, there is a lot more to come :)

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