Brow plucking 101

One of the most defining things in your face and one of the hardest things to get total right.

We all know it, the painful process we expose our self to about every third day. I have to admit, as you often can see in photos, I am a BIG sissy! I hate the plucking, and if everybody can see into the saloon I rarely go to professionals.
Not just because it's painful, but my tear-ducts is messed up and my eyes start to drain if I pluck them, even sleeping (I know, sometimes I wake up wondering if I cried in my sleep, but I can't remember and I don't feel sad) and they can even drain if I am resting my head on my hand.

Well, I want to tell you a little secret.


This works only with perfect noses and few is born with an a4 nose. (To be honest, the perfect nose is your own, skinny, thick, strong, flat, yeah, all of the types!).

If you have a big nose or just big nose wings, it can give you way to little brow and it looks weird. And if you have a skinny nose it gives you "Over half way to mono brows" and it looks like you are pissed all the time. 
Particularly if you are a bit to unlucky and the pen/dye color is a bit too dark or you have "angry" eyes.
And let me just inform about one thing, the brows should go a little inside the nose-bridge as it contour your face. But not to much, you'll end up looking angry.

Moving on, for the brows arch. This also gets stupid, because you can get a ridiculous high arch, like you always do the "sexy face" if you just as a habit lift the one brow more than the other (just top it of with one of these "duck faces") or always wondering something. Or to look like you always are socked, surprised ore just angry..

To the final part, this is the step where it probably is lowest risk to mess up, of course it can get awful, but it's better to have it small with the cut in the back, rather then the other way.
Try to bring it out, but not to long.

Plucking is absolutely not something you have to do, but I will recommend it. Though I hate it I try to keep it a little bit shaped for my appearance. 

- Good luck, Kinkx.

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