White eyeliner, how to avoid cakeyness and other tips

This is a post I was planning to do the next couple of days, so I am writing it today.
White eyeliner, this is a must. You should get a white eyeliner before black and brown.
White makes your eyes appear bigger and more awake. But as all makeup can, this can also look cakey.

For the waterline I always recommend using a matte white eyeliner for daily use.
A shimmer one is very pretty in the inner corner.

This is what I mean with cakey eyeliner.
This is way to much. Remember that the camera removes 20% of the color.
The eye look red and it gets irritated by all of the product.
Cakey eyeliner is something we don't want.

This is another eyeliner which doesn't cake. Concider the fact that it shows up little bit more in real life and gives a soft white line.
This makes the eyes more awake, opens the eyes and make them appear bigger.
My eye was still irritated by the makeup remover and the last eyeliner, but the soft white doesn't make it show up so well.

Tips and tricks

A tips to get the most out of the white eyeliner is to place it in the inner corners. This, as you can see on the picture where both eyes are wearing white eyeliner, makes the eyes bigger, more dolly like and more awake.
For this use, I will still recommend a matte white eyeliner. 

White vs. black eyeliner

This is mainly to show the difference white eyeliner can to.
The white look a lot more dolly like and more daily wear then the black one.
Both eye shapes look bigger, but the white makes the actual eye bigger.
The same makeup tricks to make eyes appear bigger is used, the only difference is that the black only frames the white in one eye and on the other eye is used instead of white.

Which brand do I recommend:

For the girl who asked, this one is not tested on animals and none of their makeup are. (Source: Makeup stores official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=304613796276565&id=125504260841007)

-Good luck, Kinkx


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  2. Sometimes I will use scotch tape to line my eye shadow or eyeliner for straight lines whenever I'm having an off day and can't seem to make a straight enough line. eyeliner tips

    1. Yeah, I do it sometimes as well. And I will also use the tape to get that completely clean edge on my eyeshadow :)