What to pack in the summer beauty bag? #Tropical edition

If you are going to a warm and tropical country, a lot of makeup isn't necessary.

Here is my tips:

1. A travel size hair styling product with low to medium hold. Nothing is more beautiful in the heat than wild beach hair. You can for example bring hairspray if you want some control, sea salt spray to keep those sexy waves or some hair balm to keep the frizz down and the hair smooth.

2. A heat protective product, this is a must.
If you don't want to bring the eighties back or cut of massive pieces of hair next time you go to the hairdresser.

3. A hydrating hair mask. This is also a must, it will maintain the shine and healthiness of the hair.

5. Your regular shampoo and conditioner in travel size. If you cant find the mini sized, look for containers :)

6. Shower cream

7. Tip to preparation, lashes and brows:
As I have never tried serum and I am not really sure if it is safe, this is not something I will recommend.
But something I know a lot of my relatives and friends do, is to dye brows and lashes.
Remember to dye "your" color, black for blondes is obviously not the right match, unless you're talking about lashes :)

8. Instead of a cream mask, use facial mask sheets. It makes a lot less mess and takes less place.
Buy small containers or travel sized to your daily/weekly beauty routine!

9. Scrub. This may sound idiotic as scrub takes away a lot of tan, but to scrub is extremely important if you want a deep tan. The color will sit longer and become more even. So bring enough to cover the need !
I tend to use scrub gloves myself. These aren't very expansive and I would not waste much money on them.

10. Remember to bring lotion. If you buy one with Aloe Vera it will help if you get sunburned.
The biotherm is my favorite body lotion of all times even though it is shit expansive ^_^ It smells SO good and does wonders with my dry skin.

11. Heel file and cream.
12. Preparation: If you like you need some glow before the vacation, use a moisturizer with tanning effects. Use one that are meant for gradually building up color and not making you orange ;)
I prefer Nivea.

13. Bring maximum 2 nail polishes next to top and base coat if you are planning on painting your nails. Any more will just waste place. Use simple colors that matches a lot.
I only wear two shades. (Sadly my nail polish remover ran out without my knowledge so I have awful looking nail polish at the moment..), the colors are black and OPI "Just spotted" spiderman collection from last year. The just spotted has a green gold base to it so it matches a lot of my outfits and black goes with everything.

14. Sunscreen. The lowest you should ever wear on the beach to get good protection.
If you feel it's a chore to apply sunscreen, think of the benefits! It does not only protect you from getting sunburned, it  protect against UVA-radiation, it protects the skins elasticity, it prevents wrinkles(!) and reduces the change of skin cancer. As you can see, a lot of benefits! (Source: illvit.no)

15. Mascara
This is my favorite mascara of all times! Fun fact: I bought this at vacation.
16. Concealer 
This is my current concealer 

17. BB-cream or tinted moisturizer. No need for heavy foundation!

18. Tinted lip balm with SPF.
Personally I prefeer EOS with SPF and ELF lip balm with SPF 15.
Also bring all-wear lipstick. Try to stick with pink, nude or red as these match the most. Personally I will bring MAC russian red as it can give me and sweet lollipop innocent look with light dabs or nice red lips :)

19. Bring powder to matteify  the face. Try to only powder the T-zone, if else you might end up cakey. And we only want that on cakes!

20. Brow pencil

21. White matte eyeliner for highlighting and lining.
I prefer "Snowflake" from Makeup store.

22. Primer

23. A powder blush. Cream blushes will melt of and often look cakey.

24. If you wish, bring a matte contourer. 

25. An eye shadow trio. 
You don't need more then three, you can go a long way with just two, but personally I prefer three.

I hope this was useful and that you liked my post ! :-)

Sources for sunscreen facts, prices and pictures :)
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