Living dolls, perfection or creepy?

Living dolls, this is a new trend flying over the vest. But in countries like Japan, this is an old trend that has existed a long time.
The dolly style is often classified as Lolita and the barbie style is often classified something as simple as The barbie look.
But is this trend healthy and is society ready to embrace the look?
To be fair to these girls and boys, I can not really see the problem. We all have the right of our own body, which also include how it looks. And also, I find it pretty.
Though, setting this style as perfection, is pretty unhealthy.
The ones that have naturally a dolly like look, it will be easy. But for the ones that do not, have to work hard for it.
Young girls and kids can be affected of the trend, and starting to starve themselves or wishing for plastic surgery, and that often leads to low self esteem.
Do not take me wrong, are you so young that all things you see on the internet affects you, you should not be online. But if it gets a trend, they will be exposed to it all the time, even if they do stay of internet!

Some examples of living dolls:
Valeria Lukyanova

Venus Palermo
Dakota Rose (Youtube)

These ones are the girls I know of. I've watched a lot about Valeria, not to much about Dakota Rose though.
Venus Palermo (Known at youtube as Venusangelic) I do watch a lot of her videos, and I think she is absolutely adorable! And it is also fun that she is the same age as I am (Or maybe a year younger, I am not quite sure).

Here is some tutorials on how to make your face look dolly like (I will also upload one soon, but I have a cybermakeup and anime makeup to do first :))

So in the end I will take the things that's boring to anyone who doesn't follow my youtube (Glittercowpanic), I didn't upload a video since a month or two. And I am really sorry. The reason is that some personal issues that came up and I also have a lot of studying to do since I finish my junior high this year (10th grade, 16 yrs). The videos will come and the first to do is taurus!
I will clip in one of my videos here, just for fun :)


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