Diary update

Right now I have the last half n' hour written down a list of video ideas for my blog so that whenever I have time during this rush I will have an idea ready!
I want it to be a surprise, but I can leak some hints.

  1. The first is no secret, I am going to re-do my "Everyday doll makeup look". 
  2. Second is that you will see something on my channel I have never done or showed before, I am going to post some crafting videos with mainly polymer clay (I am feeling really inspired by The Hunger Games and Tim Burton, hint hint!).
  3. The third hint is that I am about to draw this chi-bi girl in charcoal I really love, no real comic character, she came from my imagination. I will do a makeup tutorial, a polymer clay one (Still unsure if I am going to make a sculpture, charm or necklace) and I might show you my clumsy little drawing on her. (I like to draw, but I am not to good at it..).
  4. Fourth hint is that I have been thinking at a lot of cyber goth makeup tutorials.
  5. I have been seeing all these tumblr pictures etc. I really wanted to recreate.
  6. Everyday tutorial
  7. Dolls are cute!
  8. I am born in Taurus.
Well, some tips might be more confusing than others, but it's a list of five whole pages :)
It is a possibility I will focus more on making videos in a while with less blogging (There will still be some posts of anything else then videos, I promise!).

-Love Kinkx

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