Bieber fever?

Sometimes I just want to dig a hole in the ground and stay there with my schoolwork and hobbies without any communication tools like the internet. And make one of my friends get me up when this generation has fucking grown up and calmed down!
Why? Because of fucking Justin Bieber (19) !
That self-obsessed boy who seemingly for the ones that doesn't follow his every move are just a normal boy with an normal voice.
Sometimes I believe he thinks he's some kind of God or something. For all the things I've mostly read about him have been either that he's been doing something stupid, got into a fight, being self obsessed or ditched his fans.

I stayed neutral, but last night I read CNN. And in that article it was about Bieber visiting the Anne Frank museum and wrote in her guestbook ; "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber," The tourist site posted the message on its Facebook page.
And that was the last drop, how can anyone be more self obsessed?
I am so sick of all the drama around this boy and I am extremely sick of how he handle it.

He is just a normal boy okay? And notice how I write boy and not man, because he acts like a little kid. I know twelve year olds that knows behavior more than he does. I know thirteen year olds that's all in their worst phase when it comes to manners, and they all are more gentleman then this boy will ever be.

I know I am going to get a lot of hate from this, but I just need to say it.


  1. I am totally agree! Justin seriously need to calm the f**k down :3 And just to write that in the guestbook... I facepalmed myself so hard that it still hurts -.-

    1. anonymous: Glad it is not only me that think he's rude