Want long hair? Here's 20 tips!

I am addicted to the thought of long beautiful hair. The reason I have middle length hair is that my previous hairdresser cut my curly natural frizzy hair with a cutter, not a scissor. And on my hair type and especially with my layered haircut that is a big NO-NO! So I changed hairdresser and all she could do was to cut it above my shoulders.
But even though I use a straightener about everyday or a curling iron to keep em' tame my hair is still healthy and last time I cut it was about 10 weeks ago (If you have frizzy hair like me, you know it's a long time, hehe). Also it's grown about 5-7 cm because of my natural strong growing of hair and that it didn't "eat" itself upwards.

I will upload a before/after the haircut picture(s) when I find any

Different photos on weheartit

Here is my tips on hair caring and saving:

  1. I know this is the opposite of what I just told you, but try as much as you can to keep away from straighteners and heat products (Yes, that include the hairdryer). 
  2. Depending on your hair type, use a hair mask that fits your hair type to deep-condition the hair at least once a week. 
  3. Hair masks: The best is to have both a moisturizing and a protein hair mask as the protein builds up the hair and the moisturizing seals it. But if your on a budget I will say buy a good moisturizing hair mask and skip the protein one. This is something I have been told by a professional hairdresser (And soon I will be one myself, yikes exited!!)
  4. Always use conditioner! If it makes your hair unbearable to work with or very heavy, you don't use the right one.
  5. You can skip shampoo once in a while as long as oily hair etc. is not a problem for you.
  6. Hair extensions will damage your hair, some less then others. But if you have fine thin hair I would recommend to avoid the most damaging ones. 
  7. Always ALWAYS  Use heat protective before using any heat products like a straightener or a curler.
  8. This may seem stupid, but the sun does damage the hair. To keep it healthy use heat protective if you are on holiday in more sun exposed countries or live in one.
    If you are going in the sun for a very long time use a hat over your hair.
  9. In the shower, try to keep the water as cold as you can. It is the best for your hair and before you get out. Flip your head and spray ice cold water from the shower over it.
  10. Never wash your hair everyday. Try to keep it to every third day. It is hard at first but the oils the hair produces is good for it. And the more often you wash it the easily greasier it will be. 
  11. Do not comb your hair while it's wet and try not to rub it dry with a cloth. The hair is fairly week when it is wet.
  12. Braid your hair before going to bed. Use a hair-tie without that little metal holder. The metal brakes the little hairs.
  13. This might sound a bit silly, but silk is the best textile to sleep with for your hair and skin. 
  14. Trim your hair regularly. If it is split in the end the hair will "eat" it self up and not get any longer. 6-8 weeks depending on your needs.
  15. It is said vitamin B have a helping effect on hair and nails. 
  16. Drink a lot of water.
  17. Eat healthy  a healthy diet will show on the quality of your hair and it will help the growing. A healthy diet helps at all things!
  18. Massage your head scalp, blood circulation will help the growing
  19. Have patience, these tips will only enhance your growing, not throw magic dust over it!
  20. Some people including me, notice the hair and nails grow more in the summer. It is not secure and I don't know why, but it is kind of an observation I guess. 

I know it is been a while since I posted but hang on with me peeps! This period will be a bit on and of because of my schoolwork and exams !

Good luck, kinkx !


  1. Thanks for the great tips! :)

    1. thank you, these are only tips I know work myself

  2. Langt hår er utrolig fint :-) Takk for tips!

  3. Thanks, i had to cut my hair because it got to long, now its just a bit past shoulder length and i just want it to grow faster!!!

    1. Well, good luck and I hope this works just as good for you as it did to me ! :-)
      I know the feeling of cutting of much pieces of hair when you're saving for long hair, it made me feel like all the saving was for nothing, blah ^__^