The hunger games, movie vs. book!

I think it is time to reveal a little secret to you. I am an massive hunger games fan.

What I feel is good and a shame about the book is that it is not a really common subject like vampires in twilight. Therefore, there are fewer books with the same theme.
The good thing is that the few books Susanne Collins have published is about the subject. She has one more series that's kids books and it is called Gregor the overlander. It has some of the same subjects and Susanne herself has said in a interview that it is true. But with Gregor it is human against animal, and it is easier to handle for kids then human against human.
And that is why I am just WAITING on a new series of her books.
The reason why she didn't publish any more novels then she has is because Susanne used to work as a script writer. Before she wrote her books at least.
Well I first saw the movie and I really loved it. But as every teenage film it had more of a love story than political terms. I decided that I should read the books, and I was MIND BLOWN. Now I am reading the english books and they are even better.
I feel the film got a little bit too much Hollywood in it. The book is more based on political suppression, family, hunting and to live throughout the day. The love story is not as focused on.

Positive about the movie:
They had great actors and the characters are just like you think they are.
The capitol/district twelve scenes is filmed good. But at times in the games it is a bit to shaky.
They brought most of the script in.
Amazing set and costumes.

Negative about the movie:
To much love story
They left out quite important parts like Magde giving her her pin and their friendship and Peetas foot being cut of.
Little bit bad filming.

Would I recommend the book or the movie?
I will say, do both. It is two different experiences and even if you are not a regular reader, you probably will enjoy these books. It fits for both girls and boys, but the movie is more girl focused and the books have more action to it.
Other books that remids of the hunger games:
Battle royale is defently nr. 1!


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