Does looks really matter?

I've been taken by this thought lately. Why is it girls and boys always fall first in love with looks?
I feel like this is something we have been learned in our childhood and bring it into the word of boyfriends, girlfriends and marriage.
Movies: Disney indirectly says don't talk to strangers, unless they are hot.
School: Popular kids bully the ones that aren't.
In family's: I don't know about you'rs but in my country it's often said either "Oh he's a cute boy/Sweet girl" or not.
In friends: "You like him? EWwwww!" or "Oh you like him??!!, He's HOT/SO CUTE/SO NICE!"
You see how all these things affect us?
We are getting learned only to like attractive people.

But what about the ones that aren't Mr Popular or The coolest girl on school? Should they just live a youth without any romantics? Have to be embarrassed about their lack of experience? Do they deserve to be uncomfortable with having people that are actually interested in them?
I feel like we judge to much of what is outside a person.
You can see it like this.
You have one really pretty cup and then you have this cracked cup.
The pretty cup got piss in it and the other cup has like heaven in it.
First you will try the first cup and realize that this is just piss, and then you'll taste the cracked cup and realize that it is so much better.
What I'm trying to say here is don't judge the book by it's cover, you have to read what's inside to see if you really like it!
It is okay to not like somebody on their personality, and of course some judging by the looks is always going to be there, also for me. But just remember this that the looks isn't always the true person and you should take time to get to know people, there is a lot more under the surface if you only take time!
-Word! Kinkx <3

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