The importance of a good liner (From an eyeliner addict point of view)

As you may have noticed. I am absolutely in love with eyeliner.
If my faith is to die alone with 70 cats I will marry my eyeliner!
I am also one of the few that can say, I prefer cream liner anytime. And my mixing liquid, but it's applied the same way as a cream liner. Well not on the waterline though, cause trust me, it hurts.

So to have a good liner is alfa omega. If you like smokey, you have to have a smudge brush and if you like it straight, keep it that way :)
The reason why I got the idea for this post was that I searced around the internet for a new eyeliner, when I realised, it's a lot of single reviews on eyeliners. But there is not to many posts about general standards for good liners, so then, why not make one?

I mean a good cream liner should:

  • Be intense, either it is a black, brown or turquoise, intensity is a must.
  • Be waterproof/water resistant
  •  Be smooth, it should be easy to apply
  • Be the perfect shade
  • Last at least five hours on the eyelids (Not on the waterline, that is a lot to demand)
  • Have a practical container
  • Last for moths, not à month
  • It shall not transfer on to the rest of the lid
  • It should dry fast (ON the lid!)
  • It should be creamy
These are the standards I usually set for a good cream liner.
Please comment below if you have anything else to add up.

Now I hoped you enoyed this blogpost and concider it next time you buy a new cream liner.
A part two is coming very soon. And my christmas makeup tutorial will be done now in January, so you'll have a lot of time practice cause the one I filmed got ruined.
I also have a prom-makeup going on my mind, planning on doing it this month as well.
-Love and care Kinkx

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